Flow warns of service impersonators

Reading Time: 1 minute

We have received reports that members of the public have been receiving phone calls from persons claiming to be calling from Flow and stating that need to come to customers’ homes to perform service upgrades.

Please note that these calls are not from Flow. If you have not called Flow to add a new service, for service installation or another service related matter that requires that our technicians visit you, please do not accept any requests to come into your home.

Official Flow visits are preceded by a phone call from our Flow Dispatch Office from a number that begins with 223. Furthermore, we will call you on the day before to agree on an appointment with you or the person authorised to allow our technicians access to your home. You will also receive a verification call from us on the day of the visit.

Please note that all Flow technicians wear our branded shirts and must show you their FLOW identification.

If you are concerned that the call you received is not from Flow, please call the police immediately and then call our contact centre at 223-FLOW (3569) or 877-FLOW (3569) to log a report.