We mindf***ed ourselves

In Wylie’s book, all his youthful techy friends are misled heroes and the old people are the villains, even when they are painted as charming rogues.

US gives Huawei the cold war shoulder

Huawei has set sales revenue this year at $125 billion and expects some of that revenue to come from the billions that it has invested in developing 5G infrastructure.

Facebook wants to boost your business

“We realised that there was an ecosystem that makes use of Facebook and Instagram, and it’s easier to build in an environment like that.”

BBM goes bye-bye

Facebook’s aggressive development of the WhatsApp platform essentially supplanted the role of BBM for a new generation of mobile phone users.

Will Apple News save publishers?

Digital publishers are still operating with the same presumptions that prevailed when they produced a product composed of atoms, the outdated notion they are competing with each other.

Facebook, parallel18 seek Caribbean startups

“Technology startups have an incredible potential to transform the community, which is why we believe in supporting the entrepreneurs of the Caribbean to drive sustainable development in the region”

The social network that couldn’t

Above: Google+ comes to an end. Base image by fergregory/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1167 for October 18, 2018 Last week Google announced that it would be shutting down the consumer […]

T&T, US, UK not on Facebook live streaming list for CPL

The Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) has reaffirmed its partnership with Facebook with an agreement to broadcast the 34 matches this year to 54 countries. The […]

New Gatekeepers: Microsoft buys Github

We all know by now, or should, about who owns our data – and we like to think it’s our own, where we can download and […]

What now for Facebook users?

Illustration by Mattz90/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1138 for March 29, 2018 Faust was a scholar and a charlatan, a well-to-do man who was not satisfied with what he had, […]

AG’s Statement on Cambridge Analytica in TT

Statement by the Honourable Attorney General regarding whistleblowing allegations concerning Cambridge Analytica, Aggregate IQ and the Strategic Communication Laboratories. Madam Speaker, I have been authorised by […]

Court rules on local user’s defamatory FB posts

The Trinidad Express reports on Justice Frank Seepersad’s ruling on defamatory posts attributed to a local Facebook user… It is difficult to fathom how any right […]

The Kalipersad Factor

Above: Dominic Kalipersad, one year post-retirement. Photo from the Mr Kalipersad’s collection. I’ve known Dominic Kalipersad since I began my career as a photographer. Our first […]

Digicel calls for OTT taxation…again

With many more countries around the world getting on board with efforts to ensure that online giants like Facebook, Google and WhatsApp obey the law and […]

New media tips for T&T politicians…and you

Above: Any day on social media. Photo by Avemario/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1095 for May 30, 2017 In light of the recent travails of local politicians, not to mention […]