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For corporate communications professionals

TechNews TT welcomes relevant technology related press releases from vendors, NGOs Government agencies and other participants in the local technology ecosystem.

Sending a good photograph or two that’s relevant to the information contained in the release is highly recommended. We love good photography and photographers and have no objection to giving the creators of your photographs credit, so please feel free to include that information.

We prefer to receive text as either an unformatted text file or a straightforward Word document. Please do not embed images in your Word file or PDF. The results of such embeds are always inferior. Send your images as separate JPEG files that are at least 1500 pixels on the longest side.

Be aware that this is a curated website. Not all submitted press releases will be published and those which are selected may not be published in their entirety. I reserve the right to edit for brevity and clarity. If you don’t like the result, let me know and I’ll remove the post.

If you have a lot of information to share, please consider a dedicated corporate page or website for your project to which I can link interested readers who want to access more information.

You can read more about how to prepare releases for posting in this column.

Please do not send links to pages on Facebook or other social media sites which require membership. Don’t assume that everyone interested in technology automatically has an account on every social media website.

For advertisers

A formal document outlining how you can advertise or participate in the development of TechNewsTT through sponsored posts will be made available soon.

Such posts are identified as “Guest Posts” and are filed under the Press Release category. We will announce a fee structure for pinning such posts for short periods of time.

For contributors

TechNewsTT reports on local technology news and international technology news that’s relevant to Trinidad and Tobago. Our position is to encourage opinion, perspectives from multiple viewpoints that are sensible and properly supported by data and fact.

If you can offer an opinion piece that draws on your company’s or your own personal experience on technology matters, We’d be happy to consider it.

Our code of practice

Our original content is copyrighted and reproduction in other media requires explicit permission with the following exceptions…

  • Excerpts of two paragraphs or less can be used in other written material if appropriate credit and source reference is given.

  • We prefer that posts to social media platforms take the form of a short excerpt and a link to the source material.

We accept technology devices and access to software or platforms for the purpose of review and evaluation for stories in the publication. Temporary access to such devices or access for a set time are often necessary for a fair evaluation of new products or technologies and are used solely for the purpose of sharing informed opinion of the technology for our readership.

Some devices are left with TechNewsTT for continued use at the discretion of the supplier. In such cases, the devices remain available to us for continued evaluation. We do not sell these devices or make access to software or services available to third parties, though we may do so to solicit third party opinions in the service of better, more fulsome reporting.

Positive or “good” reviews are not guaranteed by access to hardware, software or platforms, but such evaluations will always be held to a standard of independent evaluation, journalistic principles and fair comment.