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Mark Lyndersay

TechNewsTT is an expansion of the long running technology column, BitDepth. The column, written by journalist Mark Lyndersay, has been continuously published for the last 24 years with a focus on personal technology and it’s impact on the lives of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

An archive of the most recent ten years of the BitDepth column can be found here. The column began in The Trinidad Express in September 1995 and it ran there until November 1998, when it moved to The T&T Guardian. BitDepth has also been published in the short lived tabloid paper The Wire, following its author to that project.

The column currently appears in the T&T Newsday on a Thursday and since December 2017 has been published in that space.

This news publication, founded in April 2014, amplifies the reporting and commentary of BitDepth by providing a curated source of information from technology vendors, normally issued as press releases, links to other technology reporting or posts on the web and informed technology writing.

Opinion pieces are welcomed from local or regional technology practitioners and writers. See the guidelines for more information about submissions.

Mark Lyndersay’s photography website is here. He also writes a photoblog about the experience of being a professional photographer in T&T.

He is the editor of OpEdTT, the opinion leadership section of Trinigoodmedia and his writing and reviewing of non-technical subjects is published there.