The pointless press conference

If the highlight of your event is to cut a ribbon, hold up an oversized cheque or to press a big button, it might be time to rethink strategy.

Media problems considered

“Since 1997,Guardian Media has learned how to deal with a newsroom and how to not deal with a newsroom.” – Nicholas Sabga

Local context isn’t all context in a networked world

Illustration by lightsource/DepositPhotos. With a background in software engineering and business analysis, I’m floored by things in Trinidad and Tobago at times – be it the […]

“Newsrooms are lazy and media owners are cheap”

Above: Dominic Kalipersad and Golda Lee-Bruce at the event. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1141 for April 19, 2018. An author edited version of this story appeared as […]

Contemplating the business of journalism

Above: John L. Allen Jr at CAMSEL’s symposium on Fake News. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1121 for November 28 On November 17 and 18, two distinct […]

CCN introduces App building service

Above: John Outridge of Novo Media explains the new service at Friday’s launch. Photo courtesy the Trinidad Express. The Trinidad Express reports on parent company CCN’s […]

When bloggers meet

Above: Tanya Marie Rhule, Risanne Martin, Afiya Francis, moderator Ardene Sirjoo and Ajala Pilgrim discuss digital work and personal branding at the T&T leg of the […]

John Oliver on Journalism (Video, NSFW)

Bashing the Beeb

Above: A moment of sweet appreciation for Peter Minshall turned out to be sour for me. BitDepth#1049 for July 12, 2016 The moment of capitulation is […]

The Paywall dilemma

BitDepth#1003 for August 25, 2015 Two weeks ago, the Trinidad Express enforced a paywall on its website, restricting access to all but a few lines at […]

A digital security advisory

BitDepth#1,000 for August 04, 2015 On Wednesday last week, three trainers from Internews offered local journalists an insight into digital security principles at a seminar organised […]

Digicel buys Sportsmax

Digicel today announced that it has acquired majority ownership and control of St. Lucia-based International Media Content Ltd., parent company of regional sports broadcaster, SportsMax, and […]

Data wrangling for dummies

BitDepth#936 for May 13 By the time you read this I’ll be hip deep in hard drives, wading my way through terabytes of data again, searching […]