Apple’s new OS upgrades go deep

Reading Time: 4 minutesAbove: Apple’s new “bad-mouth” emoji for iOS 11 is probably the closest T&T will get to the long overdue steups emoji. Image courtesy Apple. BitDepth#1117 for October […]

Apple turns iPhone up to ten

Reading Time: 5 minutesAbove: All of Apple’s new devices support wireless charging, seen here on a Belkin charging base. Earpod users will need to get the special wireless charging […]

What the hell, Apple?

Reading Time: 4 minutesAbove: In June 1997, Wired called on Apple’s fans to pray. In 2017, the company’s professional users won’t resort to prayer, they will simply switch. BitDepth#1084 […]

How deep will the Surface go?

Reading Time: 3 minutesAbove: Microsoft’s new Surface Studio folds almost flat on a desk with the touch of a hand. Photo courtesy Microsoft. BitDepth#1065 for November 01, 2016 Microsoft […]

Invisible MacOS updates

Reading Time: 4 minutesAbove: In Apple’s halcyon world of Siri searches (left) you are a demon of productivity. In my Siri searches (right), I’m apparently looking at photos all […]

Fixing MacOSX

Reading Time: 4 minutesAbove: TechTool Pro has always tried to make the work of fixing a sick Mac look interesting. Photo courtesy Micromat. BitDepth#1019 for December 15, 2015 All […]

Approaching El Capitan

Reading Time: 4 minutesAbove: Apple’s new splitscreen view in El Capitan is billed as a productivity booster. Photo courtesy Apple. BitDepth#1013 for November 03, 2015 Longtime readers of this […]

Apple’s odd little Photos app

Reading Time: 4 minutesBitDepth#985 for April 20, 2015 On its own, the newest addition to the software that comes bundled free with Mac OS X, Photos, isn’t a bad […]

Battle of the phablets

Reading Time: 4 minutesBitDepth#955 for September 23 For the last six years or so, I’ve been an Android guy as far as smartphones go. I’ve used Samsung’s devices specifically, […]

Why Apple registers TM in T&T first

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe Wall Street Journal’s law blog has a story about why Trinidad and Tobago has been Apple’s preferred point of first registration for its new trademarks.

Apple’s MacOS: Inching toward perfection

Reading Time: 3 minutesBitDepth#940 for June 10 Technology keynotes are a special breed of business presentations and keynotes targeting developers are a very special subset of these theatrical sales […]

UTT partners with Apple

Reading Time: 1 minuteFrom the press release… UTT’s students enrolled in the Certificate in Music Technology programme and Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Performing Arts programmes at the […]