Why we hate data

The brutal truth is that surveys meant to inform advertiser support and rally reader interest in the product are a winner’s game

The media advertising problem

Since the MediaTrak surveys stopped in 2015, there has been no public unveiling of any metrics for the media industry and the advertising that supports it.

What being a paperboy taught me 

Delivering newspapers was a gateway drug into the business of journalism. Years after I began writing, my mother kept teasing me that newspaper ink had permanently tainted my blood.

Why I joined Civil

The future of journalism doesn’t only belong to monolithic media houses, there is a role for journalists as trusted sources of information.

Print journalism in a digital age

Above: Lead type, photo by saax/DepositPhotos. Originally published in Sunday Newsday, December 09, 2018 Most people reading my work in 2018 might be inclined to think that […]

A 21st Century Newspaper

Above: Illustration by mast3r/Depositphotos. A strategy outline by Mark Lyndersay This paper was written for the newspaper I left in November 2017 as a parting gift after […]

An irregular soldier falls

Above: After his passing, it was striking how few images of Andre Alexander seemed to exist. This photo was taken with the phone of Lisa Wickham […]

MATT statement to the JSC on the Cybercrime Bill, January 29, 2018

Above: Dr Shiela Rampersad speaks at the JSC meeting on the Cybercrime Bill. Screencapture from the Parliamentary Channel’s YouTube post of the meeting. Opening Statement of Dr […]

What is a journalist?

Man thinking at typewriter. Photo by everett225/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1146 for May 24, 2018 In a discussion before the JSC about the Cybercrime Bill a week ago, Chairman […]

The Journalist in the World

Above: The T&T Guardian for April 19, 2018 BitDepth#1142 for April 26, 2018 Many years ago, a friend explained the economics of the smash and grab […]

“Newsrooms are lazy and media owners are cheap”

Above: Dominic Kalipersad and Golda Lee-Bruce at the event. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1141 for April 19, 2018. An author edited version of this story appeared as […]

Why the Cybercrime bill should worry journalists

Above: The practice of journalism as it is widely imagined to occur. Photo by GaudiLabs/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1136 for March 15, 2018 At a Joint Select Committee meeting […]

The Entrepreneurial Journalist (Video)

A presentation on the challenges, demands and possibilities facing journalists in Trinidad and Tobago in 2017 (36 minutes long). Developed as a presentation for and delivered […]

Contemplating the business of journalism

Above: John L. Allen Jr at CAMSEL’s symposium on Fake News. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1121 for November 28 On November 17 and 18, two distinct […]

Suddenly, a hundred years later…

Above: Among the dozens of images I shortlisted for this space, this photo, which ran under the headline Big Band Boom in the Sunday Magazine, is […]