Christmas presence: TSTT wraps Savannah with free WiFi

“We are about moving Trinidad and Tobago into the fourth Industrial revolution and connectivity is the new world order.” – Dr Ronald Walcott

About that new 5G network…

“The scenario is fully portable and will work anywhere that has 5G coverage. At this time the unrestricted movement is allowed.” – Hassel Bacchus

TSTT introduces fixed wireless 5G

“When used in tandem with the government’s broader vision, 5G will facilitate a new phase in the country’s development,” – Robert Le Hunte.

The triage on TSTT’s financial heart

The software ran on hardware that was no longer made, and the model of telecoms it had been designed to manage had begun to change.

Hassel Bacchus on TSTT’s core office software migration

That concert of alignment that we have now, I don’t think existed in that detail and was as understood ten years ago. I think as a result of that (the approach) was a bit more fragmented.

Avaya makes a bold business move

Data traffic that orginates locally remains local and is routed through TSTT’s servers. For security, all streams are protected with AES 128 bit encryption.

TSTT, Huawei to build $13m innovation lab for UWI

Huawei T&T’s CEO, Jeff Jin, believes the new lab will open up brand new possibilities for T&T’s engineering and IT students to create, design and problem solve.

TSTT’s role in TT tech transformation

TSTT’s expansion in the next couple of years will see cloud computing and the Internet of Things becoming big.

Girls in ICT day celebrated at TATT

“Women, who were once girls just like you, have defied odds and triumphed. I see here today, brave young ladies who will grow up to be bold women who will make a positive difference in the world.”

bmobile to host Innovation Week

Innovation week is open to the public and will provide a platform for over 20 entrepreneurs, startup companies and organizations to showcase their ideas, services and products.

TSTT completes “staff rationalisation exercise”, 128 more separated

Above: TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott. Photo courtesy TSTT. TSTT completed its staff rationalization exercise on Wednesday 12 December 2018 with fifty-one (51) non–unionized employees being served […]

WTTx priority installation for flood hit St Helena

Above: External antenna installations extend the range of WTTx coverage for remote communities. Photo courtesy TSTT. Last October’s historic floods will be remembered for the trauma […]

TSTT to drive technology for diversification at 2019 Connect conference

Above: Dr Wayne Frederick, President of Howard University. Photo courtesy TSTT. Positioning technology to play a larger role in the country’s economic diversification will be one […]

TSTT’s Walcott: Company must be upgraded

Above: Dr Ronald Walcott delivers the keynote address at the 12th Annual Tobago Economic Business Outlook Conference. Photo courtesy TSTT. “An outdated TSTT cannot take Trinidad and […]

TSTT retrenches 503 employees

Today, Thursday 15 November, 2018, TSTT executed on a critical phase in its organizational transformation. This phase involves 503 Junior and Senior staff employees receiving retrenchment […]