US gives Huawei the cold war shoulder

Huawei has set sales revenue this year at $125 billion and expects some of that revenue to come from the billions that it has invested in developing 5G infrastructure.

Google sent me Pie

Samsung has cherry-picked the features it wanted from version 9, dropping enhancements and user features that were a difficult, sometimes contradictory fit for the way Samsung’s Experience UI works.

The social network that couldn’t

Above: Google+ comes to an end. Base image by fergregory/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1167 for October 18, 2018 Last week Google announced that it would be shutting down the consumer […]

Getty steps up campaign against Google

Above: Yoko Miyashita. Photo courtesy Getty. An open letter from Yoko Miyashita, General Counsel, Getty Images on Google image scraping… Today, on behalf of content creators around the world, […]

Ericsson and Google partner for Pay TV

Ericsson and Google are partnering to extend the reach of the Ericsson cloud-based MediaFirst TV Platform into the Android TV ecosystem, Google’s operating system for the […]

A domain dies

BitDepth#991 for June 02, 2015 It isn’t every day that an entire email domain simply goes away, but that’s set to happen on June 30 when […]