About that missed call…

Timing is important, because the enemy of the scam is information. Once people are warned about the issue, they won’t return the call and the charges won’t end up profiting the scammers.

Phishing with better bait

When in doubt, take the longer route to access your personal information online, complete with verifications.

She got scammed, almost

She was now locked out of her account. She was shocked at how quickly it had happened and the fact that the call and each of the text messages had come from the number she had saved for Bank of America on her phone.

New email scam targets XXX viewers

Above: Computer user with coffee. Photo courtesy DepositPhotos. In my inbox there’s an email threatening to release incriminating videos of me to all of my email […]

Flow warns of service impersonators

We have received reports that members of the public have been receiving phone calls from persons claiming to be calling from Flow and stating that need […]