Blue Waters praises bmobile PBX system

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Above: Blue Waters Inn. Photo courtesy Blue Waters.

“A proper communications system is vital for the success of your business – regardless of its size or nature”, stated Colm de Freitas, CEO of Engineering and Construction Company, D2F Technical Limited. While the scope of his Company’s projects may vary, de Freitas credits effective communication as the one constant that ensures a seamlessly executed project.

“Clear communication begins with thorough client briefings at the outset of each project. At D2F Technical, we believe that there should be open dialogue between company and client and the terms of the project should always be agreed upon in writing. Not only does this ensure transparency, thereby maintaining your client’s trust, but the extra effort to uphold continuous communication will also guarantee that you and your client are always on the same page”, detailed de Freitas.

Kerri Tucker, MD, Blue Waters Inn. Photo courtesy bmobile

Kerri Tucker, Managing Director of the Blue Waters Inn in Speyside, Tobago knows the value of being on the same page with clients and effectively positioning a brand to appeal to its target market. Operating within the hospitality industry, Tucker understands that communication is critical to customer satisfaction and the overall success of a business.

The Blue Waters Inn is considered to be one of the Caribbean’s most well-kept treasures. Flanked by 46 acres of lush greenery and located but a stone’s throw away from some of the world’s best dive spots and oldest bird sanctuary in the western hemisphere, the Inn is a paradise for eco-tourists and vacationers in search of a unique experience. Tucker and her team leverages technology to convey the unique experience offered at Blue Waters and to sustain relationships with their guests.

Despite operating within different industries, both Tucker and de Freitas streamline and manage their Company’s communications by utilizing a bmobile hosted PBX system. By employing a hosted system, both businesses have access all the features of a complex enterprise grade system at a fraction of the cost. The service, which is hosted on bmobile’s private cloud, affords business owners peace of mind knowing that their system is fully secured with end-to-end encryption across bmobile’s robust fibre network and safe from attacks and/or natural disasters.

“The PBX system technology is easy-to-use and allows us to communicate efficiently with our guests. It also facilitates internal communication and allows directors to keep in contact with staff remotely. I can even make any changes to the system online, from any location”, stated Tucker. As the CEO of D2F Technical, de Freitas also values the system’s ability to allow greater collaboration regardless of geographic location.

Convinced that a key aspect of effective communications involves having the right tools, he noted, “At D2F, we use bmobile’s hosted PBX-system because it is reliable, cost-effective and adaptable. It allows us to connect our team to external worksites, and as it uses cloud technology for calls, the System significantly reduces monthly telephone bills by confining them to one consistent monthly payment.” For de Freitas, the ability to have a reliable PBX system in place is also a mark of professionalism which he regards as an important element in building client trust.

bmobile’s PBX system prides itself on increasing staff efficiencies and reducing operational costs and has enabled The Blue Waters Inn and D2F Technical to operate more efficiently. “It may only be one cog in the behind-the-scenes wheel of the hotel, but the PBX system is just as integral to our guests’ happiness as our deep-sea diving tours and delectable in-house dining.

It also makes it possible for us to continue encouraging tourism and local economic development. Beyond this, we recognize our role in job creation for the community, not just in terms of our in-house positions, but also in terms of the indirect employment we generate in the areas of agriculture, food production, and retail”, Tucker explained. At its core, the system allows business owners to focus on what matters most – managing their businesses.