M4: Garrett Quinn on Digicel

Reading Time: 1 minute

Above: Digicel’s Garret Quinn speaks at Microsoft’s 2015 M4 tech conference. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

Taking the stage in the face of palpable afternoon lethargy, Garrett Quinn, CEO for Digital Business at Digicel went for teases of his company’s future plans.

“Our largest investment in our network in the last four years goes live in November,” Quinn promised, “and we will be bringing fiber to the home very, very soon.”

“It’s the biggest move that Digicel will be making for some time, to become a full service provider.”

Digicel has launched a dacenter in Chaguanas, described according to Quinn as “best in class in the region,” and companies, he said, “like a country with smart IT people, low energy costs and a stable political climate.

The company has connected 2,000 business customers on fixed broadband fibre connections and plans a continued investment in media through its subsidiary Trendmedia. LoopTT and its regional branches have been operation for more than 12 months, he said, “gathering a significant amount of consumer data.”

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