M4: Ineke Geesnik on Windows 10

Ineke Geesnik speaks at Microsoft’s 2015 M4 tech conference. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 represents the convergence of the OS platform for the company, one model deployed across multiple devices and platforms, explained Ineke Geesnik, Windows Business Group Lead, Microsoft LATAM New Markets.

Microsoft is seeking to reduce the cost of IT support. Keeping end-user devices up to date costs US$146 per year and password reset costs make up almost 30 per cent of help desk costs with an estimated US$25 per incident.

Supporting mobile devices is 17 percent of those costs.

New technologies that allow Windows 10 to be unlocked using facial recognition will help in reducing some of those costs.

Leakage of corporate data has increased by 23 per cent over the last 12 months and costs US$640,000 per company per year.

Businesses will be able to establish their own private Windows store and the company is ending support for earlier versions of Internet Explorer in January 2016, “the future is Edge.”

The company will roll out Windows deployments in other realms as well, adding Windows as a service at the consumer level and at the other extreme, developing hardened versions for use in critical workspaces, such as air traffic control and emergency rooms.

“In the middle are business users,” Geesnik said, “where IT can control the pace of updates and access.

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