Flow upgrades broadband packages

Flow has introduced upgraded speeds for its suite of packages and has introduced a new tier, “Lightning,” for TT$999 with a download speed of 600Mbps. The package upgrades for the service provider’s customers will be automatically applied to existing accounts  from 12:30am on Saturday 16th December 2017.

The company also offers a Gigabit option in specific areas for TT$1,999.

Flow Package Previous Speeds Upgraded Speeds Monthly Rate in TT$ (VAT incl.)
Basic 3Mbps (download) /1Mbps (upload) 5Mbps (download) / 3Mbps (upload) $136.95
Essential 30Mbps (download) / 3Mbps (upload) 40Mbps (download) / 5Mbps (upload) $219.99
Plus 45Mbps (download) / 3Mbps (upload) 60Mbps (download) / 15Mbps (upload) $293.47
Max 60Mbps (download) / 20Mbps (upload) 100Mbps (download) / 20Mbps (upload) $391.29
Turbo 120Mbps (download) / 7Mbps (upload) 200Mbps (download) / 25Mbps (upload) $529.99
Ultra 240Mbps (download) / 10Mbps (upload) 300Mbps (download) / 30Mbps (upload) $699.99
Lightning (new) 600Mbps (download) /50Mbps (upload) $999.99

Comparison chart via the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society.