Lubricating Samsung’s Gear

BitDepth#933 for April 22 In creating a smaller Gear device, Samsung has chosen to sacrifice the potential of the new Gear line, which run Tizen, an […]

Cybercrime bill before Parliament

From the abstract of the document… THE CYBERCRIME BILL, 2014 The purpose of the Cybercrime Bill, 2013 is to provide for the creation of offences related […]

Gear Fit

Samsung gears up again

BitDepth#932 for April 15 So I’ve been wearing a watch. It’s been 40 years since I last closed the strap for a timepiece around my wrist, […]

National Conversation website launched

The website for the National Conversation project has been launched. Some information about who is gathering this information and for what purpose would be useful before […]

Surveying the T&T digital Divide

Global Voices publishes the second part of their interview with mSurvey, who recently completed a comprehensive examination of the distribution of digital information in T&T. The […]

What’s Samsung really up to?

BitDepth#931 for April 08 Last week, perhaps not coincidentally on April 01, Samsung brought its World Tour previewing the newest version of its flagship smartphone, the […]