Digicel announces game with million dollar jackpot

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Above: Digicel CEO Jabbor Kayumov speaking at the launch event. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

Tonight Digicel announced a return to hard-line marketing tactics with the launch of a game with a million dollar jackpot.

Weekly prizes will include handsets.

CEO Jabbor Kayumov spoke of reviewing the company’s marketing and asking, “Should we be doing these things? Doing them differently?”

The company also announced that it had won Internet Speedtest company Ookla’s award for the fastest mobile network in Trinidad and Tobago.

Kayumov also announced an existing cell site density of 300 towers,”three times that of our rival.

He promised that the company’s 450 million dollar nationwide network push would be greatly accelerated from its end of year deadline to as little as 45 days with the pending commissioning of an additional 100 cell towers.

The new million dollar game campaign is open to Digicel’s customers, who must call the number 777 at a cost of $5 per call. Interested participants can call 707 for more information.