TSTT prepares for 2G sunset

Sunset Image by JANU PRASAD from Unsplash

In a recent press release, Chevon Wilson, VP Mobile Services at TSTT pointed out all the reasons why customers should consider ending their 2G service plans and switch to the company’s 4G LTE plans.

 “Mobile technology is one of the major drivers and disruptors of business innovation and telecommunications companies must constantly evolve their networks and retire older technologies that cannot support modern services,” Wilson explained in the release.

The company is currently supporting 2G, 3G and 4G LTE technologies and noted that “The availability of parts and the cost of maintaining these older networks become burdensome so it makes sense to encourage our 2G customers to move up the technology ladder and take advantage of better costs and services available through 4G LTE.”

The biggest reason for the switch is the company’s announcement is scheduling the end of its first mobile connectivity service after extending multiple encouragements to customers still on 2G plans. TSTT did not respond to questions about the size of its 2G customer base.

The company explained that it has been communicating with its customers since 2016, offering replacement handsets at $99.

These customers are, according to the company, “primarily personal” and the company is now working determinedly toward removing 2G service soon, following Verizon and AT&T in abandoning the obsolete technology.

In a final bit of courtship to 2G diehards, Wilson said “2G users may be a bit intimidated by everything the new devices can do but there is still the familiar basic SMS and voice calling features.”