TSTT restores services after outage

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TSTT wishes to advise the Trinidad and Tobago public that the service disruption on April 17th has been fully rectified and all services have been fully restored.

TSTT  apologizes to its customers for the inconvenience.  The company is conducting a full and detailed root cause analysis, along with its relevant network partners to accurately determine the source of the issue.  We are also exploring what critical measures must be put in place to mitigate a similar incident from being repeated.

TSTT’s network monitoring system was initially alerted to a service transmission break at 11:40 AM on Sunday April 17th.  Our engineers immediately began troubleshooting the alarm which had a wide reaching impact to include Mobile, Internet and Landline services to customers in Chaguanas and along the East West corridor including Port of Spain.

TSTT engaged its international vendor partners to assist our engineers given their experience and expertise as original equipment manufacturers.

It took approximately three hours to find the exact cause of the problem.  Once restoration work began, it took TSTT several hours to return all services back to normal because of the wide geographic impact this incident had.  

The company is pleased with the efforts of the personnel that worked tirelessly throughout the incident to restore service. 

TSTT deeply regrets the incident which preliminary investigations revealed was caused by the failure of equipment components at TSTT’s St Augustine, Nelson and Chaguanas Exchanges.  We are fully aware of the great inconvenience and concern that this disruption may have caused our customers.

TSTT thanks all of its customers for their continued support and reassures that quality of service is of paramount importance to the Company.  To future proof its network and provide the best quality of service to its customers, TSTT is embarking on evolving and upgrading both its wired and wireless networks to serve you better and to bring the latest communications technology to Trinidad and Tobago.  We are committed to ensuring that these improvements are realized.