Huawei P9 sample images


All images in this gallery shot with the Huawei P9, toned and cropped using Adobe’s PS Touch for Android except for Fortnum_04, which was shot in DNG RAW format and post processed using Adobe Photoshop 5 for the Macintosh. You can view or download a 7MB JPEG full resolution version of that file here.

All photographs by Mark Lyndersay © copyright 2016, all rights reserved.

A report on the Huawei P9 launch event is here.

About Mark Lyndersay

Mark Lyndersay is a writer and photographer based in Trinidad and Tobago. He writes editorial leaders for Guardian Media Limited, for whom he has written more than 1,300 since 2001, feature writing and reviews and his column, BitDepth, which has examined personal technology issues continuously over the last 20 years. As a photographer, he divides his time between commercial assignments and annual report photography and personal projects like Local Lives, which examines the backstory of life and culture in Trinidad and Tobago.

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