• Taran Rampersad

    This is something I’ve thought of a lot. I read the article and let it simmer, trying to put it into a more Trini context… and I think I failed in that regard, mainly because it’s clear to me that the media houses in Trinidad (specific) don’t really understand the Internet.

    This is not to say that there aren’t pockets of people who do understand the ebb and flow, it’s to say that they don’t appear to be in control of the engines or rudder.

    First and foremost – and I apologize to my friends who are good writers and/or journalists – the writing generally lacks cohesion. People claiming to know more than me explain that away as editors trying to use space effectively, or I’ve even been told that they are targeting a certain level of education. The former is not forgivable, the latter a poor reflection on poor reflection. I’m sure someone can come up with a better excuse for articles containing unrelated articles, or unimaginative rewrites of old topics, or… oh, I could go on.

    Then, there’s the issue of photographs being used without even permission – something that rears it’s ugly head now and then, demonstrating an uninformed perspective on the Internet, or one willfully ignorant.

    But what we’re really talking about is a simple business problem. I made a faint stab at doing blog based stuff with KnowTNT.com some years ago, and that’s exactly what it was: A stab. It was by no means a business; it was a hobby that was interesting for a while and taught me much.

    The key to this, though, is the audience. Not the present audience. It’s about changing the audience. And changing the audience, in my book, would be to have more of an international reach – which, in turn, would mean more things of international interest than Carnival and Jazz festivals. There are inklings of that in the more traveled media (planes), and that is a hint of the media landscape that really has a chance to be lucrative.

    That’s my thought right now, subject to change… a layperson who reads voraciously, but counts calories when he does. A layperson who knows we have talented people to create media, and to build the backbone of it – having judged contests at UWI, and made friends with some of the aspiring tech people as they grow into their potential… Global Voices started down a path, but it had it’s own bias which left out some things…

    But how to do it? I believe that there is a hint in there for a few people. Maybe it’s something I’ll look at again someday.

    For now, Google News gets me what I want, unless I want a daily count of dead people, which constable is investigating what, and what freshman political drama is happening.