bmobile foundation gives digital scholarships to top SEA students

Above: Lexi Balchan, Jordana Mahabir, Chloe Seecharan and William Malzar discuss their scholarship packages. Photo courtesy bmobile.

The bmobile foundation celebrated the achievements of the top ten 2017 SEA students at an awards presentation for them on November 24th.  TSTT CEO Dr. Ronald Walcott hosted the 3rd edition of the annual SEA awards at the Company’s Head Office in Port of Spain before an audience of proud SEA students, their family members and bmobile executives and staff. 

The children were presented with a bmobile Technology Support Package consisting of a Certificate of Commendation and a Technology Support scholarship comprising free Mobile and wireless Internet devices and free services for the first five years of their secondary school enrollment. Each Technology Support Package is valued at over $25,000 and will be used to support the students’ secondary school education.

The top ten students in alphabetical order are Jaden Alexander; Lexi Balchan; Maya Banham; Kyēleigh Hagley; Rayshard Hosein; Jordana Mahabir; Sanjana Maharaj; William Malzar; Arianna Ramhit; and Chloe Seecharan.

Dr. Ronald Walcott, TSTT’s Chief Executive Officer congratulated the students for their outstanding achievement.  “Over 50,000 students have written the SEA exam since bmobile started these awards in 2015, and from then to now, we have given this award to 39 of these students.   So today is a special day for you.  You worked hard and made the necessary sacrifices and you should feel proud of your achievements so far.”  Dr. Walcott also commended the parents for the role they played in their children’s phenomenal accomplishments. 

Dr. Walcott noted that every year since 2015, bmobile presented Technology Support Packages to 13 SEA students – the top ten students overall, as well as the top three SEA students in Tobago.  “This is the third consecutive year in offering this award and this represents a total commitment of almost TT$1M in technology scholarships for the top performing students in Trinidad and Tobago.”

“There is a lot of research that supports the view that ICT is one of the main drivers of national and economical development.  As Trinidad and Tobago seeks to diversify its economy, the role and support of bmobile will become more pivotal in the creation and improvement of the communications technology framework in Trinidad and Tobago,” said Dr Walcott. 

“In addition, for each successive year, we plan to continue to award the top performing SEA students with tangible support and encouragement for their SEA accomplishments and hopefully play our part in motivating even more students towards excellence.”

Lexi Balchan, the top 2017 SEA student, shared that she was really excited to receive the bmobile technology scholarship.  “I use the internet a lot now to do research to complete my school work and the package I got is just fantastic!  It will really support me in my future studies.  Thank you bmobile!”  Lexi’s mother, Lisa added that Lexi has a very inquisitive nature and is always asking a lot of questions and researching different things.  “Now she can use her mobile phone to do her research anytime, anywhere, without waiting to get home or to the library.  Internet service is really important to Lexi and her school work.  This is an excellent opportunity for Lexi and a great gesture from bmobile.”

Rayshard Hosein, one of the top 10 SEA students said, “I am extremely grateful that I received this award from bmobile which will help me a lot.  I will be able to finish my homework faster and have more time to revise and focus on my studies.  I think if bmobile continues to reward SEA students in this way, it will serve as a motivation for other students to work hard.  I would like to commend bmobile and encourage them to keep doing this.” 

Rayshard’s father, Wazir added, “I know that Rayshard appreciates that this award is a result of his hard work.  He will use the internet responsibly and I’m certain it will have a positive impact on his studies.  I also commend bmobile for recognizing the hard work of the youngsters here today and for giving them such a lovely and practical gift.”

Top SEA Performers display their awards courtesy the bmobile foundation, alongside TSTT’s CEO Dr. Ronald Walcott and VP Residential Services Reza Hosein (Back row left); Awardees from Left to Right: Rayshard Hosein; Maya Banham; Arianna Ramhit; Kyēleigh Hagley; William Malzar; Jaden Alexander; Jordana Mahabir; Lexi Balchan and Chloe Seecharan  (Missing: Sanjana Maharaj). Photo courtesy bmobile.