Blink introduces 4GLTE, kills WIMAX

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Reza Hosein and Allison Parris with the three ready-to-use 4G LTE devices available from blink | bmobile
Reza Hosein and Allison Parris with the three ready-to-use 4G LTE devices available
from blink | bmobile

Chatham, Buenos Ayres, Sangre Chiquito, Cheeyou, Rancho Quemado. These are just some of the areas which did not have broadband Internet service, but are now enjoying fixed/nomadic high-speed wireless access.

blink | bmobile has deployed its new 4G LTE Broadband Wireless network in these areas. Fourth Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the latest wireless broadband technology and is a key pillar in TSTT- blink | bmobile strategy to boldly serve where no others have served before.

According to Reza Hosein , Program Head for the LTE Network expansion, the network is four to five times faster than existing 3G networks and with a significantly reduced transfer latency. “blink | bmobile has deployed the fourth generation Time Division Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE) Network to improve national broadband service and in the process has supplemented its existing DSL service and replaced its WiMAX network.

Seventy new areas are included within the national rollout out of the new service to increase blink | bmobile’s broadband coverage of Trinidad and Tobago to 85%.”

Hosein says the state-of-the-art broadband wireless service will also satisfy the company’s drive to improve customer service by making it possible to provide broadband without the lengthy process of laying cables and requiring a technician to install the service at the customer’s premises.

“With the new 4G LTE service, a customer receives a plug and play wireless modem that they simply take home and use.”

Allison Parris is blink | bmobile’s Product Manager and Business Lead for the 4G LTE Service. She explained that blink | bmobile introduced the new pioneering service to close the gaps that existed in nationwide broadband.

Parris said “In our industry you must commit to investing in new technology and TSTT is always looking for ways to improve on the service it offers. The topography of Trinidad and Tobago made it difficult or prohibitive to serve some areas via traditional copper lines or fiber optic cables.

With the 4G LTE service, we can now serve areas we could not before with a rapid and cost-effective solution and offer up to 5Mbps speeds.” The 4G LTE wireless broadband service was first piloted in (4) rural areas in April last year and the pilot was deemed a success from the feedback received from the pilot customers. Since then the service has been rolled out nationwide on over 300 cell sites throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

Parris further commented “Working on the 4G LTE project is really exciting especially because I know that it will improve the quality of our service and thus increase customers’ satisfaction. Being the first to bring 4G LTE service to Trinidad and Tobago is also thrilling.”

In addition to being able to apply for broadband service in areas not previously served, the 4G LTE Broadband Wireless service takes less time for TSTT to deploy and customers get a quick and easy solution for very high data speeds.

Parris explained “With the wired DSL service, the customer has to wait before we can install cables and the equipment in their home. But with the 4G LTE service, the customer comes in to sign up and leaves with a device that they simply power up. It’s a simple plug and play to instant Internet access.”

The blink | bmobile 4G LTE service gives customers the power to fluidly use the Internet for streaming movies, music, apps and games, sharing files and email with unlimited data.

Customers have the choice of a fixed wireless device that can connect to a PC via Ethernet or Wi-Fi; a mobile solution that serves as a Hot Spot for up to 10 simultaneous users and a portable USB-based device or dongle that a person can plug into a laptop and use wherever they go.

Packages start at low as $99 a month and additional information can be obtained from the Company’s website at