Flow introduces HD, cloud recording upgrades

Flow launched Advanced Video on February 20, an upgraded digital media platform available to all of its cable customers in Trinidad. Dubbed “TV you can control” Advanced Video is an extraordinary High Definition visual experience with the largest number of HD channels available at no extra cost.

The product was launched at a cocktail event for specially invited guests at the Oval Ballroom today. Brian Collins, Managing Director for the Southern Caribbean said, “The revolutionizing of the cable industry has only just begun and we are ecstatic that it has started with Flow. Now our 140,000 cable customers, plus anyone who sits in areas we cover will have access to this advanced technology.”

“In addition to being able to control your television viewing experience we are introducing new packages which include free HD channels and access to cloud storage so that customers can record shows and to watch at their convenience. We really are excited to share this new product with our customers.”

Cindy Ann Gatt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and the person responsible for rolling out this new product said, “We know that the Advanced Video technology is the option for the future for pay TV subscribers. Research shows that all over the world Advanced Video is the current standard for the Pay TV platform and we are excited to offer this to our customers.”

Over the next six weeks Flow will be demonstrating the product at their Customer Care Retail Centres and at public spaces all over Trinidad like Movietowe, Trincity Mall and more. Tomorrow  (Saturday 21st February) they will be in West Bees Supermarket in Deigo Martin. Any member of the public can out Advanced Video and see how it works.

When asked how soon the product would be in the hands of customers Mrs Gatt said, “We will be installing Advanced Video for all new customers from March 2015. Customers can also call us to upgrade if they are ready. However, eventually we will be encouraging all our customers to upgrade to Advanced Video. We’re confident once they have tried it, there’ll be no looking back.”

Advanced Video, which is a version of IPTV is the current standard for pay TV all over the world. The platform will be rolled out in Jamaica next and in all other Flow territories during the rest of year and 2016.