TSTT claims criminal behaviour in demonstration at HR Manager’s home

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Above: Carol David, TSTT’s Executive Vice President HR, IR and Corporate Support Services. Photo courtesy TSTT.

TSTT is taking very strong objection to members of the Communications Workers Union’s (CWU) executive for their reprehensible conduct this morning at the home of TSTT’s Executive Vice President HR, IR and Corporate Support Services Carol David.

In their misguided attempt to provide responsible representation of their members, the CWU resorted to barricading Ms. David in the yard of her private residence to conduct their nefarious activities.

This deplorable action comes on the heels of the CWU verbally abusing and threatening Ms. David at a meeting on Friday January 26th, causing the meeting to come to a premature end.

While TSTT understands that there may be differences of opinion between the Company and the Union, the Company will not condone criminal behaviour. In this regard, a report has been made to the police and it is expected that the natural course of justice will ensue.

The CWU’s action is even more objectionable in light of the fact that they had taken their grievance to the Industrial Court where the matter is now being heard.  The Company hopes that good sense will prevail and that the Union ceases its illegal actions. Notwithstanding this morning’s appalling action, the Company is always ready to meet and treat with all matters relating to its employees.

Finally, TSTT is committed to transforming itself from being a legacy 20th century telecom to becoming an agile 21st century broadband communications company. Information and Communications Technology (ICT), is a key driver for economic development and the company will not be deterred from implementing its Digital Transformation initiatives. The people of Trinidad and Tobago deserves nothing less.