TSTT announces details of “digital transformation” strategy

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As part of TSTT’s transformation imperative to become an Agile Broadband 21st Century Communications Company, TSTT is in its digital transformation phase.  As the company invests $1.7B in new technology, TSTT believes that these improvements must redound to its customers’ benefit as it moves Trinidad and Tobago into this new modern era. 

TSTT has made substantial investments in wired and wireless broadband infrastructure to deliver better services to customers, and new systems and processes to make it easier for customers to do business with the company. 

TSTT’s customer-serving focus has enabled service requests to be processed faster, and now its dealer channel has been enhanced to become full service centres providing all of bmobile’s mobile and residential services. Additionally, a modern, customer-friendly online account management and bill payment portal has been launched giving customers the power to enroll all of their accounts in one space and view usage, get electronic bills and make online payments.

As part of TSTT’s analysis, it has been established that more than 70% of the transaction activities at its bmobile Retail Stores are “Bill Related”.  The company therefore determined that as the technology leader in Trinidad and Tobago, it had to enhance the customer’s experience.  The next phase of TSTT’s Digital Transformation includes the use of its enhanced online portal, interconnected kiosks and an expanded bill payment network including the banks, “Sure Pay” and its dealer network.  During this phase, the company has also taken a decision to close nine of its Retail stores, as the previously mentioned improvements can more efficiently serve customers. 

As a good corporate citizen, TSTT has made it clear to all stakeholders that it is not retrenching anyone.  The company’s strategy is to find more fulfilling, comparable, suitable employment for all employees who work at the bmobile retail stores.  Any information contrary to this is simply inaccurate. 

It is expected that with the closing of the stores, TSTT’s 85-plus Channel partner locations nationwide will provide the full suite of services, giving customers more convenient access for the same services they are accustomed to accessing at the bmobile retail stores, including bill payment and queries.

Through a partnership with Sure Pay it will also ensure that bill payments are processed on the same day. It should also be noted that Channel Partners have been doing customer transactions for TSTT for several years, and customers can expect the same courtesy and respect for confidentiality that partners have always observed.

The retail locations from which operations will be redirected are:

  • TSTT 18 Park Street, Port of Spain

  • bmobile Westmall

  • bmobile –Chacon Street – Independence Square, Port of Spain

  • TSTT DSM Plaza, Chaguanas

  • TSTT St. James Street, San Fernando

  • bmobile Trincity Mall

  • TSTT Green & Queen Street, Arima

  • TSTT Peters Road, Point Fortin

  • TSTT Eastern Main Road, St. Augustine

As part of the process, TSTT retail staff at the abovementioned locations will be reassigned to other areas of the company. TSTT wishes to emphasize that there will be no loss of jobs as a result of this move.

The Digital Transformation is a key component of TSTT’s strategic plan to become an agile broadband company. The new retail strategy is another milestone in the company’s evolution to improve service to customers, and promises to reduce customer wait time and enable signup for all services in a much more convenient way. Additionally, many services and processes have been streamlined to allow TSTT to better manage costs and ensure that its rates remain the most competitive in the market.