Flow increases prices in September

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Flow Trinidad will implement a rate increase on four out of six packages for Digital and AVS cable TV from September 1st 2016.

This increase has become necessary as a result of several factors:

  1. Changes in the value of the rate of exchange between the US and the TT dollar have increased the cost of our services
  2. Annual price increases from our programming providers which we no longer have the capacity to absorb. Since our last price increase in 2014, Flow has received a minimum of 40% overall increased fees from network providers for existing channels
  3. The addition of new content on our video platform between 2015 to present

We remain committed to offering our customers the best service at the most competitive prices. From a global perspective it is customary within the cable sector to conduct annual rate increases. As far as possible we choose not to do an annual price increase to our customers, however at times it is unavoidable.

Points to note on Flow’s video service:

  1. Our last rate increase for video occurred two years ago in 2014 and prior to that in 2012. On both occasions rate increases were due to the inclusion of new content/channels on our packages
  2. On this occasion we are increasing the rates of four out of our six base packages
  3. The rental on all additional boxes has been standardized at a price of $34.99 across all packages
  4. In 2015 Flow launched Flow Bundles. The cost of bundles are not affected by the price increase
  5. Flow customers can switch to bundles now to benefit from savings
  6. The rates on all 15 theme packs or subscription packages remain the same
  7. In 2015 we launched our upgraded IPTV – “Advanced Video Service” (AVS) which offers a superior level of cable service to all our customers.
  8. In 2015 and 2016 we added the following channels to our base package.
  9. Flow Sports
  10. MSNBC
  11. Disney XD
  12. Star Plus
  13. Life OK
  14. TNT Series
  15. FEVA TV
  16. Bravo
  17. Calaclassics
  18. Cala Western
  19. Cinecanal
  20. Canal Sony
  21. EbonyLife TV
  22. Sony Entertainment Asia
  23. TV Jaagriti
  24. Darut Tarbiyah

The new prices are as follows:

Platform TV Package Current price       (VAT Inclusive) New Price             (VAT Inclusive)
Digital TV Starter Pack 146.74 146.74
Digital Basic $244.57 $259.99
Advanced Video Service TV Essential $176.09 $176.09
Advanced Video TV Plus $269.02 $284.99
Advanced Video TV Max $351.20 $366.99
Advanced Video TV Watch All $468.59 $484.99


Platform Current monthly rental (VAT inclusive) New monthly rental (VAT inclusive)
Advanced Video $34.23 $34.99
Digital $24.45 $34.99