TSTT will not increase rates

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TSTT entered the local cable TV market to provide a viable alternative to companies that may wish to exploit their dominant position.  In the current climate, TSTT assures customers that they need not feel frustrated by an increase in rates in their cable service since they can choose to exercise their right to choose blink/bmobile TV offerings.

In the past few years, TSTT has significantly invested in its own subscription TV network, a service that is an important complement to broadband service and caters to customers’ desire for diversity in how they receive information and entertainment.  In the 21st century environment, this has become a real need rather than a luxury and as such, TSTT believes such services should always be accessible in terms of cost, quality and availability.

TSTT has done comparisons of cable TV offerings of all vendors and observes that it offers the best value for money when comparing the number of channels available in relation to the cost of the service. Further, TSTT has a much larger reach than other providers since it offers both wired and wireless subscription.

As the only full service national communications provider, it was important for the company to enable more people to access this service and thereby ensure no customer was marginalized.