Schneider introduces APC mobile power

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Above: Schneider’s APC M3PMBK mobile power unit. Photo courtesy Schneider Electric.

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in comprehensive critical power and cooling, recently announced that the APC Mobile Power Pack, its new line of high capacity and high efficiency portable chargers, is now available in Trinidad & Tobago. The new lightweight products allow mobile device holders to charge their smartphones and tablets quickly, safely and efficiently, without having to connect to a power outlet. The new mobile power packs from APC by Schneider Electric are available in three models M3PMBK, M6BK and M12BK.

“Many times throughout the day at home, work, or when we’re traveling, we need to recharge our smartphone but may not always have immediate access to an outlet; we’re on the go and life these days is as mobile as our devices,” said Franklin Guerrero, senior sales manager, Miami Exporters.

“APC mobile power packs are designed to ensure that we have the power to use our mobile devices and access our apps wherever we are and when we need them most. This translates into having the ability to send and receive emails, download heavy documents, access our bank accounts or watch videos and photos, with fewer limitations. Having the APC portable charger means not having to worry if your device has a high resolution screen or that it needs a lot of energy to function,” he added.

The new APC mobile power packs will be available in three models: M3PMBK (3400mAh), M6BK (6000mAh) and M12BK (12,000mAh) and include Lithium Polymer batteries and fast-charging Qualcomm technology (2.0). The M3PMBK, M6BK and M12BK can recharge a compatible device up to five (5) times faster than a conventional charger and each model has two USB ports (1 A and 2.4 A) that allow users to charge two mobile devices at the same time. Additionally, the chargers can simultaneously charge devices, while its own battery is recharged as well.

The M6BK can completely recharge a smartphone such as an iPhone, for instance, more than twice consecutively without having to recharge the portable battery charger, while the M12BK can fully recharge a smartphone up to five  times without having to be recharged.

Perhaps the most important features that Schneider Electric has incorporated in its mobile power packs are advanced security features and battery protection. In this regard, Guerrero added that, “the market is filled with low cost, external portable chargers that do not incorporate the proper security controls or protection against common problems such as over-charging, over-discharge or over-temperature.

Without the appropriate security functions, these conditions may be a risk to the user and can lead to premature deterioration of the battery. The Protection Circuit Module (PCM) found within APC’s mobile power packs, protect users against any unsafe conditions that may arise,” he concluded.