TATT, UWI partner against cyberbullying

Via a news Report aired on Sweet 100FM and Talk City 91.1FM

Wednesday’s launch of cybersafett.com is the beginning of phase three of the year-long project which began in March after an MOU was signed between the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and the University of the West Indies. TATT says the significant growth in the telecommunications and broadcasting industry, highlights the need for vigilance. We’re reminded that when it comes to the internet, there is no such thing as delete. A fact clinical psychologist Delicia Hoyte believes society hasn’t quite grasp. She uses the viral videos of mothers beating their children as an example of a need to educate the adults and in particular parents as much as the children.

Ms. Hoyte: “We have a tendency in this country that when something is for the children, that the adults pull off and we don’t engage or we don’t pay attention and so I will like to encouraged you when you going out of the schools to really make an effort to engage the adults as well,  because some of the things we see on Facebook is not just  the 15 year olds, is us grownups who haven’t figured out for ourselves and if I beat my child on Facebook, it’s going to be on over the world and it will be global, so clearly we need as much help as everybody else.”

The website is here.