TTLAB’s 4th preview of research

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TTLAB will host its fourth preview of TTNIC sponsored research on August 28, 2017 at the DCIT Conference Room, 2nd Floor, NatSci Building, UWI from 1:00pm.

Presentations will be made by the following researchers on the subjects described as follows…

Devika Bhagwandin, Vrijesh Tripathy and Patrick Hosein, “Association Rule Mining of Household Electrical Energy Usage”, ACM International Conference on Data Mining, Communications and Information Technology, Phuket, Thailand, May, 2017

Inzamam Rahaman and Patrick Hosein, “Exploiting Gaussian Embeddings for Directed Link Prediction”, 13th International Workshop On Mining and Learning with Graphs, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Aug 2017.

Ramneek Sekhon, Patrick Hosein, Woojin Seok and Jaiseung Kwak, “Emerging Network Technologies and Network Neutrality Conformance”, 19th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium, Seoul, South Korea, Sept, 2017

Inzamam Rahaman and Patrick Hosein, “Exploiting Gaussian Word Embeddings for Document Clustering”, Future Technologies Conference, Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, Nov 2017.

Saffiyah Doolan, Nicholas Hosein, Patrick Hosein and Devika Bhagwandin, “Constant Time, Fixed Memory, Zero False Negative Error Logging for Low Power Wearable Devices”, submitted to IEEE Conference on Wireless Sensors.

Steffan Boodhoo and Patrick Hosein, “On the Distributed Optimization of Calendar Events”, submitted to IEEE 10th International Workshop on Computational Intelligence and Applications.

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