TSTT launches Zero Copper Campaign

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Above: From left, Huawei’s Yang Weijun, President, LATAM Carrier Business, Senator Robert Le Hunte and TSTT’s Dr Ronald Walcott pose on stage with Huawei brand hosts and a model representing the futuring of the telecommunications company’s network at the Hyatt Regency.

TSTT announced today a dramatic measure in its radical infrastructure improvement programme, setting a deadline for the end of its support for its legacy copper network.

The company plans to completely remove existing copper connections within 18 months with what it described as “like for like” products for customers who are currently connected to the ageing network.

Within six months, the company hopes to make significant inroads with the programme. TSTT’s copper network currently covers 95% of the country’s existing infrastructure.

Customers will be upgraded using either fiber connections or a new product, WTTx, which is designed to bring an equivalent to fixed broadband to customers who cannot be served by the existing fiber network.

The WTTx technology is being implemented by TSTT’s infrastructure partner, Huawei and is largely a plug and play system.