TSTT completes refunds

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At 10:25AM today, TSTT issued a press release claiming that it had completed all refunds to customers affected by the loss of money paid to their accounts.

“TSTT wishes to advise that the Company completed restoring lost credits to the accounts of all customers affected by Wednesday’s software problem. This exercise was completed at 10 PM Thursday 17th July and followed the restoration of data services on Wednesday 16th July.

The Company again apologises for the inconvenience experienced and appreciates the patience extended by customers during the restoration process.”

If your experience differs from the official statement, please feel free to leave a note to that effect in the comments.

  • Marc Aberdeen

    No money received.

  • Orchid Allicock

    I didn’t get my refund

  • Azy

    I was not refunded the total amount of money I had. Prior to the theft I had $52 and have only been refunded $19.

  • Michelle Pontiflet

    No refund either!

  • Mini Headley

    I am still waiting on my refund!

  • Thanks for the responses folks. I need to get your phone numbers to forward them as issues to TSTT. You can send me that information directly either via direct chat message on Facebook here (https://www.facebook.com/marklyndersay) on Twitter (I’m @macmark and @technewstnt) or using the site’s e-mail address, pr_submit@technewstt.com. I’ll pass along names and mobile numbers directly to a trusted resource at TSTT who is keen to follow up on these instances.