TSTT announces unlimited data, voice plans

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Above: Reza Hosein announces the residential unlimited plan at TSTT House, with Miguel Garcia in the background. Photo by Mark Lyndersay

TSTT announced an unlimited plan across all its voice and mobile data services today. The option is available at all its outlets immediately.

The 30 day unlimited postpaid talk and data plan costs $349 with a 24 month contract. The residential landline costs $175 for unlimited voice.

More details about the plans are here.

bmobile continues to offer other data and voice plans for postpaid users here.

According to bmobile’s Fair Use Policy, the unlimited plans are capped at 20GB for data and 18,000 minutes for talk, after which the service will either be throttled or cut. The circumstances under which the specific limiting option will be chosen is not explained in the document.

The policy further states that streaming services for video, gaming and audio will be “structured” at 512kbps.

Original post updated with Fair Use Policy information and links to other plans offered by bmobile for its postpaid mobile users.