54 retire at TSTT

Above: TSTT retirees pose for a group photo at the 2017 celebration of their service. Photo courtesy TSTT.

Carol David, Executive Vice President – Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Corporate Support Services, delivered the feature address at the farewell function.

Commenting on the event, Ms. David said, “TSTT held this function to wish the retirees all the best in this new phase of their lives, and to express how much their many years of faithful service is appreciated. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to attend personally to mark this occasion.”

The retirement function also showed, in the words of one retiree, Nizam Shah, “that TSTT cherishes their employees.”

The function’s motif was the peacock’s feathers since a peacock is synonymous with pride. The guests of honour were presented with honorary plaques as tokens of appreciation. They were also serenaded by the Fire Service Bande. Former winner of the TSTT Talent Show, Ms. Lisa Foster, performed, as did Kyle and Christian Cowie, who performed a pan duet.

“The function was something to remember,” said Mr. Shah, who is now going on preretirement leave, after working for 33 years at TSTT, and retiring as manager of Field Services North East.

Mr. Shah said the retirement function was typical of the company. “TSTT as a company was really caring, very family-oriented. The relationship they have within the company is pretty friendly, pretty cool.”

He enjoyed his years working at the company, he said, because of the variety it presented. “I have been in technology for 30 of the 33 years I was at TSTT and the telephone technology has changed at least ten times,” he said. “Every two or three years something has changed so you are always doing something different.”

Two other retirees, Bernadette Smart and Johnny Carrington, also reflected on the family-like atmosphere that prevailed at TSTT. Ms. Smart said, “We had that family togetherness.”

Mr. Carrington said, “TSTT has always functioned to me as a family kind of company. Everybody behaved like family. I went into the company and met it like that and it has continued throughout.”

Ms. Smart, who spent 37 years at the company, admitted, “There were the ups and downs.” But looking back she said, “TSTT has provided me with everything to make me comfortable. The pension is good.”

Mr. Carrington, who spent 40 years at the company and retired as manager of project implementation, offered this advice for new employees: “The people who are there now have to realize that working is not just the salary but it is about looking at the end product; as well as the fact that the company provides everything you need to progress in life.”

All three retirees said they were looking forward to enjoying their retirement since “one of the things we do at TSTT is work. You have to work, you have to make up your mind to work.”

Ms. Smart is looking forward to “doing a little travelling” and spending time looking after her grandchildren. Mr. Shah already has firm plans for a trip to Chile. As for Mr. Carrington, he says, “There comes a time in life when the body calls for a rest. I am comfortable that I have served honestly and diligently and it’s time to pass the baton.”