TSTT consolidates brand, announces RBL financing

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Above: Republic Bank Managing Director Nigel Baptiste, TSTT Chairman Emile Elias, Minister of Public Utilities Fitzgerald Hinds and TSTT CEO Dr Ronald Walcott after the signing of the $2 billion financial agreement. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

TSTT CEO Dr. Ronald Walcott announced on Friday that the company’s technology convergence strategy also fed into a decision to simplify TSTT’s diverse brands and bring all products under an umbrella refreshed “bmobile” brand which now spoke to TSTT supporting the mobility of the lifestyle of the company’s customers with the tagline “Life is On”.

Dr Walcott was speaking at a special media conference along with TSTT Chairman Emile Elias and Minister of Public Utilities Fitzgerald Hinds, to announce the conclusion of a major financing agreement with Republic Bank Limited.  Republic Bank Managing Director Nigel Baptiste was on hand for the signing and presented Mr. Elias with a commemorative plaque.

Dr. Walcott told guests of how the company’s major projects were already transforming customers’ quality of service and the new brand embodied TSTT’s promise to customers and country.

“Today, as we celebrate our significant achievements over the past year, the company continues to establish itself in our new strategic plan to transform TSTT from a traditional telecommunications company into a 21st century agile broadband communications company that is responsive to its customers’ needs.  We have a brand that is an expression of what is meaningful to the public and represents what we stand for and where we are headed.  One that is vibrant, energetic and reflects who we are as a nation.  One that is very aligned to our new aspiration and vision of how we intend to treat with customers.”   

Dr. Walcott credited Chairman Emile Elias and TSTT’s Board of directors for enabling the company to make major strides noting that this year alone approximately $900M will be invested in capital programs.

Noting that the new strategic plan, its achievements to date and the new brand were a real team effort, Emile Elias, TSTT’s Chairman, thanked Dr Walcott and the TSTT executive, management and staff, as well as the other board members and said “This could not have been accomplished without everyone’s involvement, so this isn’t just a vision of TSTT’s CEO and staff but one fully endorsed by the board.”

“I wanted all our customers to have a happy experience whenever they touch any part of TSTT, so I felt a surge of pride this morning upon seeing the new bmobile brand advertisements in the daily newspapers and at what’s happening to TSTT and or country.”

Referring to the company’s planned announcement of its mid-year results next week, Elias said, “Stay with us, your national provider.  Trinidad and Tobago, you own TSTT.  We have the technology, the solutions and a robust strategic plan to satisfy all your needs.  I assure you that TSTT is well on its way.  Stay tuned.  We have more to say to you next week.”

The Honourable Minister of Public Utilities, Fitzgerald Hinds spoke on behalf of the Honourable Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, and congratulated TSTT on its transformation to date and on its new brand and said, “I am very pleased at what I heard and saw today.  You are about growth, advancement and your ability to meet international competition.   I respect your confidence to invest and to transform as you continue to positively affect the customers’ interactions with TSTT.”