Huawei’s Jason Deng introduces the P9

Above: The first winner of a P9 device at the formal launch of the new line of Huawei devices. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

An edited excerpt of the speech given by Jason Deng, General Manager, Huawei Technologies (T&T) Ltd –at the Huawei/TSTT Media Launch  of theP9 and P9 Lite at the company’s Port of Spain Headquarters, November 17, 2016.

This is another exciting time for Huawei in Trinidad and Tobago. This evening, we will launch a globally popular and premier Smartphone in this beautiful country. Looking back one year ago, many people in Trinidad and Tobago have been asking “who is Huawei”, “what are you doing”, and they especially ask about this difficult word: “Huawei”.

Now, more and more people have started to ask– where to buy a Huawei phone, how can I get a Huawei phone–like the internationally acclaimed P8. We are so happy to see that more people like Huawei device. In the last year we brought to T&T many of our flagship devices, like the Mate 7, Mate 8, P7, P8 and today we bring another very premier and advanced phone, the P9 to you.

Jason Deng delivers his launch speech at the introduction of the P9 smartphone line. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.
Jason Deng delivers his launch speech at the introduction of the P9 smartphone line. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

We are continuously keeping up on innovation; for this P9, we cooperated with world leading German camera company, Leica to provide the best camera for the phones. The P9 is positioned as the flagship of Huawei focuses on the fashion design, slim body and how people like to use the camera of the phones. It will bring the best user experience for these aspects.

TSTT is our long-time strategic partner. When we first stepped into the local market in 2006, and in the past 10 years, through the bMobile brand, we continuously brought the newest technologies, like 3G, 4G, LTE to Trinidad and Tobago.

We also brought the best devices to T&T customers with the latest technologies. And we will continuously work as a local citizen to provide the best product and service here in Trinidad & Tobago in the future – this is our commitment here to the Trinidad and Tobago people as a world top Telecom and technology supplier. At this time, TSTT may provide many attractive plans with the P9 for the public, so we look forward to seeing it as soon as possible.

I will not describe the detailed features of the P9, but here are some key facts.

  • Huawei is the 3rd most popular brand around the world since 2015.
  • Over 9 million P9 and P9 Plus devices have been sold around the world since we launched this phone in London in April. So we can say the P9 is already of the most popular Smartphones all over the world.
  • By October, Huawei had already shipped 100 million units of smartphones in 2016.

Thank you to TSTT, always, for your partnership and support.  I thank Dr Ronald Walcott and his team at TSTT. We want to continue to work with you to Build a Better Connected T&T.

Our tagline for our Device is “Make it Possible”, because we have a commitment to make it possible for people everywhere to enjoy our high quality devices for everyday life. This evening, Huawei invites you to see what is possible with us.

bMobile VAT inclusive prices
Handset Pricing
Phone Model Prepaid Everything-$99 Everything Lite-$99 Everything-$149 Everything-$275 Everything-$349 Everything-$525
HUAWEI P9 Lite $2,249 $2,249 $2,049 $1,749 $1,049 $299 $0
HUAWEI P9 $3,549 $3,549 $3,299 $3,049 $2,299 $1,549 $0