Flow announces broadband upgrades

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Flow Upgrade

Telecommunications Company Flow announced recently that most residential broadband customers will receive a speed upgrade to their current packages at no extra cost to them.

Brian Collins, Managing Director for Flow Trinidad said about the upgrade, “Our customers know that we are always working to improve the quality of our service while keeping our prices competitive, so we are happy to pass on this service improvement to them. Customers may have to reset their modem in order for the upgrade to take effect, then, they can do a speed test and tell us via our call centre, email or Facebook whether they are experiencing faster speeds.

“We’re confident we’ll be getting good feedback. Once the upgrade takes effect, customers with multiple users in the home will experience enhanced download speeds. So let’s say there are four persons in a household and they all get online at the same time to download video, play a game, chat via a social network or do research, everyone should find that the their online experience is much smoother,” Collins said.

Cindy-Ann Gatt, Director of Marketing for Flow said, “Five of our six packages have been upgraded at no extra cost to our customers. If you have our Turbo 10 package you will be upgraded to 15 mbps download speed, Turbo 20 customers have been upgraded to 30, Turbo 50 to 75 and Turbo 100 to 150. So let’s say you are on the highest package which is now 150. If you are a family of six you can ideally stream six HD movies simultaneously. That’s an awesome experience at no additional cost.”

Since the launch of its broadband service to Trinidad in 2007 Flow has introduced several broadband packages catering to customers at various price points. Over the past seven years the telecoms company has consistently improved speeds while keeping its prices competitive. Customers are already reporting increased speeds and a better user experience

Says Brian Collins, “2015 has been very busy, we’ve been working through the merger with Cable and Wireless while doing business as usual. We launched our new Advanced Video Service earlier this year and the feedback on that product has been tremendously positive. Our customers who have HDTVs are now having the full HD experience with the basic package and all customers no matter what level can record shows to watch later. Now we’re providing an upgrade to our Turbo 10 and higher broadband customers at no extra cost.”

“We have been listening to our customers’ suggestions and feedback and will be rolling out some very exciting initiatives over the coming months. We’re certain that when it comes to broadband and cable, our products, our prices and our services are second to none. The way we see it, no one knows fibre like Flow and we are going to continue to utilise our know-how to continuously improve our customers’ experience.”

Customers can call 223-FLOW to provide feedback or they can send emails to tt-getflowcsr@columbus.co as well as visit our Facebook page.

The upgrades, both upload and download speeds…

Current Broadband packages

NEW Broadband packages






Turbo 2

Turbo 2


No Change



Turbo 10

Turbo 15


Increased Download Speed by 5 Mbps



Increased Upload Speed by 1 Mbps

Turbo 20

Turbo 30


Increased Download Speed by 10 Mbps



Increased Upload Speed by 1 Mbps

Turbo 30

Turbo 50


Increased Download Speed by 20 Mbps



Increased Upload Speed by 3 Mbps

Turbo 50

Turbo 75


Increased Download Speed by 25 Mbps



Increased Upload Speed by 4 Mbps

Turbo 100

Turbo 150


Increased Download Speed by 50 Mbps



Increased Upload Speed by 6 Mbps

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