DirecTV to introduce prepaid HD

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DIRECTV will launch a Prepaid HD service in Trinidad and Tobago in time for the 2016 Christmas season. This disclosure comes today on the heels of the addition of 4 HD channels to its Postpaid package. Last week, DIRECTV added TLC HD, MTV HD, and History 2 to Postpaid basic and FOX LIFE HD to the Latino package.

This brings the total number of HD channels in the basic Postpaid package to 39 less than a month after the company added 3 dedicated Sports HD channels in August – Flow Sports HD, Sportsmax HD and Sportsmax 2 HD.

General Manager Bernard Pantin said “There is even more to come as the company will continue to add more HD channels in the coming months. Now that the dust is settling with the entry of the new players earlier this year, we are continuing to do what we have done for the last 20 years – we do pay TV best. Having successfully launched prepaid in 2013, we are now in a position to offer these customers an added dimension, the option of access to HD channels”

DIRECTV was the first Pay TV provider to introduce HD in Trinidad and Tobago 2010 to postpaid customers in time for the World Cup that year and have been adding channels every year since then. Now these channels will become available to Prepaid customers

DIRECTV Prepaid gives customers access to 45 channels, including CCN TV6 and CNC3, 38 Movie channels, 7 channels for kids, and 2 ESPN Caribbean channels.  Prepaid is available at major retail outlets Courts, Massy Stores, Standard Distributors and more than 100 other locations throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

DIRECTV was the first Pay TV provider to introduce HD in 2010. Now these channels will become available to all prepaid customers. While the launch date has not yet been finalized, Pantin is confident it will be no later than November 15. DIRECTV Prepaid HD will be competitively priced at less than $200 for the monthly recharge.