TSTT upgrades network in Tobago

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Above: A TSTT technician testing network upgrades in Tobago. Photo courtesy TSTT.

TSTT has completed the first phase of a major network upgrade to improve coverage, voice quality and data speed. This is part of TSTT’s planned TT$3.7 billion dollar investment nationwide to improve its full suite of services and customer care.

According to Don Dann, Senior Manager Wireless Network Operations in TSTT,  the company began  the nationwide program in Tobago and the upgrading of its mobile data network has resulted in a significant improvement in the customer experience both in terms of data speed and coverage . 

“It is important for TSTT to keep its network and by extension the country, abreast of technical trends. We have utilised the latest technology to boost our ability to compete effectively by offering  customers a superb service.” The conversion from a voice centric network to a data centric network has meant that downloading on a bmobile device is four times faster and upload speeds have also significantly improved.

“Our data shows the network is giving customers speeds that are better than the competitor,” Dann said.

Commenting on the improved service to Tobago and Tobagonians, Onica Blackman, Manager Enterprise Marketing & Communications said, “The island and especially our customers deserve this.  They have been patient and we owe it to them to give them the best.”

“We endeavour to provide a service to all of Tobago that is superior and second to none.  Technology and telecommunications are vital to the growth and development of any society and we certainly would want Tobago to be among the best served markets.”

In addition to the technology upgrades, Dann also explained that TSTT is in the process of deploying new sites, particularly in areas with little or no coverage, in an effort to address issues such as drop calls and low mobile reception.  “These upgrades also mean better indoor/in building penetration also resulting in better mobile and internet services.”

Businessman Ray Thomas, who owns and operates Tobago’s main feed shop, confirmed that the service is much better than before.   “Prior to now, you could have eaten a snack while doing a download on your phone,” Thomas said.  

“Now before you blink the file is uploaded or downloaded.  I can’t complain now.  It is excellent.”

Commenting on her personal experience with bmobile, Tamara Anderson-Baird, an Agricultural Assistant with the THA, said, “I must bestow high praises on the excellent and most efficient service that I receive from bmobile staff.    I would say this is by far the best service provider.  I reside towards the eastern end of the island, where mobile reception challenges are likely to be experienced, however, I can attest to the efficient and crisp reception quality that I currently enjoy with bmobile.”