bMobile helps “Planting Seeds”

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Above: Amy Inglefield (from left), Planting Seeds; Joseph Rahael, Amera Corporation; Stephanie Pemberton, Planting Seeds; with TSTT’s Siobhan Thompson and Reina Frampton-Timothy. Photo courtesy TSTT.

“This is not just spectacular TV but an outlet for entrepreneurs which gives them the tools they need to help them grow sustainable businesses that help our economy,” said Amy Inglefield, Public Relations and Communications Manager of Planting Seeds Caribbean Ltd, the company behind the new local TV show ‘Planting Seeds’ which is partly sponsored by blink bMobile.

The TV show “Planting Seeds”, similar to the popular US cable TV show Shark Tank, brings entrepreneurs from across the region who are interested in getting finance for their start-ups, face to face with investors who are the owners of some of the most successful private sector companies.

Planting Seeds will be aired on CNC3 in July and run for 13 weeks, and apart from its business orientation the show also boasts an educational component, providing training to the participants via financial, Information Communications Technology (ICT) and business workshops.

Planting Seeds producer, Stephanie Pemberton, who is also the producer of the local TV show Bad Granny, explained, “Planting Seeds is geared at inspiring entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean region.”

“By providing the necessary tools and insights to develop their skill sets, we aim to drive entrepreneurs to create dynamic businesses that will garner greater recognition for the Caribbean business community as a whole.”

blink bMobile provided the ICT training as well as the best Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) communications apps and products to help increase the productivity and reduce the operational costs of the entrepreneurs’ companies.

Camille Campbell, TSTT’s Chief Marketing Officer (Ag) said, “ICT remains an invaluable business tool that allows entrepreneurs to successfully compete in a global environment despite their start-up status. As the only national, full-service communications solutions provider, blink bMobile is uniquely positioned to provide the support these entrepreneurs need. We can equip them to make productive use of ICT to attain their business goals.”

A grateful Inglefield said, “We see this as an ongoing partnership with blink bMobile because the services they offer can facilitate growth for the entrepreneurs and this is the fit that we were looking for. The blink I bMobile team has been fantastic in facilitating us in every way that we needed them to. They have come on board in a strong way and have demonstrated that they are partners who understand our vision for the entrepreneurs and the region.”

The television series is hosted by former Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, Sarah Jane Waddell, and each episode showcases 5 entrepreneurs, each delivering a 2-minute pitch of their business plan to a panel of angel investors. The prospective financiers, who are all successful entrepreneurs with years of experience, assess the plans and have an opportunity to offer to help fund the business idea that they believe can succeed, in exchange for an equity stake in the company.

They also perform a mentorship and coaching role. Even if the investors reject a pitch, no entrepreneur left empty handed, since, in addition to the educational workshops, all the TV show participants benefit from expert advice from the panel on how their business plans can be improved.

When airing begins, television viewers can also be a part of this exciting, new TV show by participating in each episode’s People’s Choice competition. The prizes will include blink bmobile services designed for SMEs. Visit Planting Seeds for more information.