bmobile announces CarHub remote vehicle monitoring

Ever wondered what your car was trying to tell you when it was making strange noises and the dashboard ‘check engine’ symbol was lighting up? If your car could communicate with you, how would it do that and what would it say? Bmobile is introducing a breakthrough product for customers to get real-time information on the location of their car, the state of their vehicle and Wi-Fi on the go.

“CarHub by bmobile” is a new service with a Wi-Fi enabled On-board Diagnostic (OBD) device that plugs into the ODB II port in the car. All vehicles manufactured after January 1st 1996 come equipped with OBD II ports. Chevon Wilson, TSTT’s Vice President of Mobile Services explained that the launch of CarHub by bmobile is part of the company’s digital transformation strategy to use technology-enabled solutions to enrich the lives of their customers.

CarHub is made for customers who are not car experts and  want the peace of mind of knowing where their vehicle is located at all times, need to stay connected at all times with the in car Wi-Fi and knowing if there is anything with the engine that needs attention. “It is a simple, easy-to-use, plug-and-play, feature-rich service that will provide car owners with a better experience.”

Once the CarHub OBD II device is plugged in and paired with the CarHub app (App available on android and iOS devices), customers begin to receive real-time data on a range of information covering driver-insights and behaviour. These alerts add an increased level of convenience, efficiency and safety to a customer’s daily commute.

Some of the key features include in-car Wi-Fi; car location and monitoring features; driving behavior reports and car diagnostics with mobile alerts.  The system also detects collisions or pro-longed idling and sends alerts to the CarHub app.

Although the CarHub app is new to Trinidad and Tobago, it is quite common in the USA and Europe where it has proven to be a great proactive maintenance and safety tool for any car owner. It is especially beneficial for less experienced drivers, parents and people who want to keep their car in good working order. It also detects sudden acceleration, harsh braking and aggressive cornering and reports this through the app so drivers can see how they score on safe driving skills.

“The CarHub device also sends alerts to the app based on mileage and standard recommended service intervals so that maintenance can be scheduled. For many family members however, the best feature of CarHub by bmobile is the in-car Wi-Fi which can be used by passengers for entertainment, work or studying, especially on long drives.

Wilson said the safety aspect of CarHub can bring more peace of mind to parents who can use the service to determine the location of their young drivers at any point in time because it is integrated with Google maps.

For a limited time customers can enjoy the introductory offer which allows them the get the service (device included) for $1,000 (initial fee) and receive a $200 rebate that will be applied to the monthly plan of the  customer’s choice; plans start from as low as $100 per month, VAT exclusive.  Additional information about CarHub by bmobile is here.