Avaya introduces Contact Center system AI

Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced a partnership with Noble Systems to enhance Avaya IX™ Contact Center solutions with additional new toolsets, including gamification for employee engagement, and data analytics solutions for intelligent automation of processes to improve customer contact strategies.

“We are pleased to partner with Noble Systems to provide additional customer experience (CX) solutions for our global users,” said Eric Rossman, vice president, Alliances and Partnerships, Avaya. “Customer expectations continue to evolve rapidly, requiring companies to develop a far broader set of capabilities for rewarding customer engagement. Outbound interactions are an integral component of any customer service strategy, to help ensure agents are enabled to deliver high-quality service and convenience to create the best possible experiences for their customers.”

The partnership will allow Avaya to offer:

  • The Noble Gamification solution, Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leader for Workforce Engagement Management Gamification Solutions, designed to reduce agent attrition, increase productivity and revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Noble Contact AI, a contact optimization and best time/best channel to contact engine.

  • The powerful Noble IQ business analytics tools, providing additional multi-site and multi-vendor Enterprise Campaigns, Regulatory Compliance Management and Best Time to Contact (BTTC) capabilities, and improved Right Party Contacts (RPCs), for Avaya Proactive Outbound (POM) users.

“Like Avaya, Noble Systems has a proven track record of delivering innovative contact center solutions, with more than three decades of experience helping organizations manage customer communications,” said Chris Hodges, SVP Sales and Marketing, Noble Systems. “We are excited to bring Noble’s powerful campaign strategy and dynamic gamification platforms to Avaya’s global users, adding value to their customer contact operations and providing new market opportunities for both of our companies.”

The new solutions will be available in the second quarter for Avaya’s global customer base, which includes more than 120,000 customers, over 100 million UC lines and 5 million CC users in over 180 countries. TSTT is the local representative of Avaya’s communications systems.