GORTT posts final draft of Vision 2030 plan

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The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has posted online its assessment of Trinidad and Tobago and Vision 2030 plan for development.

The 139 page Vision 2030 document includes three full pages of acronym explanations.

Among the technology related notes is the observation that…

The data clearly shows that over the review period, Trinidad and Tobago and Bahrain have exported an insignificant amount of high technology products as a percentage of their total manufacturing exports. In 2000, at least 50 percent of the manufacturing exports of Costa Rica, Malaysia and Singapore were high technology exports. However, in 2015, the share of high technology exports as a percentage of manufacturing exports for Costa Rica, Malaysia and Singapore declined to 16.8, 42.8 and 49.3 percent, respectively.

Download the full report here.