UWI learning websites zero-rated by bmobile, Digicel

The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago Campus has announced that access to its websites for learning have been zero-rated for access by both bmobile and Digicel.

Access via bmobile devices is available immediately and zero-rating will be available on Digicel devices from April 17, 2020. The concession will continue to be available until July 10, 2020.

According to an e-mail sent by Campus principal Professor Brian Copeland, the services will operate on the following terms…

  • Persons can use their Broadband plan at home to access the zero-rated sites listed below. Since that is a specified amount per month, no change is expected in cost.

  • Persons using their smartphones must have a data plan. When they access the-zero rated sites, they will not be charged.

  • Persons can use their phones as a hotspot at home to access internet if needed. Only the sites listed below will be zero rated.

The access applies to learning websites across the UWI network reached from devices in Trinidad and Tobago, including those served by the campuses at St Augustine, Cave Hill, Mona and Open Campus and include the Blackboard Collaborate learning platform used by the University.

Any links accessed during online sessions using these services that are outside of the UWI network will be subject to data charges.