TTLAB’s August presentation

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Above: Dr Patrick Hosein. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

TTLAB is a project designed to encourage undergraduate students to publish scientific papers early in their learning cycles and nascent careers.

 A group of young scientists presented today on a range of subjects under the guidance and leadership of Dr Patrick Hosein.

The first presentation of papers took place in February 2016 and the group, now 17 strong and close to capacity, propose to make it a semi-annual event.

Published papers, works in progress and more details about the project can be found at the team’s webaite.

Papers presented today were as follows…

  1. C. Millette and P. Hosein, ”A Consumer Focused Open Data Platform”, International Conference on Big Data and Smart City, Muscat, Oman, Mar 2016.
  2. Ramneek, P. Hosein, W. Choi and W. Seok, ”Congestion Detection for QoS-enabled Wireless Networks and its Potential Applications”, Journal of Communications and Networks, June 2016, vol. 18, no. 3.
  3. S. Hosein and P. Hosein, ”Improving Power Generation Efficiency using Deep Neural Networks”, ICML Workshop #Data4Good: Machine Learning in Social Good Applications, New York, USA, June 2016
  4. S. Sooklal, P. Hosein and S. Teelucksingh, ”A Review of Human Body Shape Detection Techniques and Their Application to the Prediction of Health Risks”, 8th International Conference on e-Health, Madeira, Portugal, July, 2016
  5. Ramneek, P. Hosein, W. Choi and W. Seok, ”Quality of Service Support for High Performance Computing on Mobile Devices”, International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation, Innsbruck, Austria, Jul 2016.
  6. I. Rahaman and P. Hosein, ”Using MapReduce for Impression Allocation in Online Social Networks”, 12th International Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs, San Francisco, USA, Aug. 2016
  7. S. Hosein , P. Hosein , W. Kattick, V. Rattan, ”Application for Power Grid Fault Management”, International Conference on Intelligent and Advanced Systems, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Aug, 2016
  8. I. Rahaman and P. Hosein, ”Heuristics for Advertising Revenue Optimization in Online Social Networks”, IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining, San Francisco, USA, Aug. 2016.
  9. K. Bahadoor and P. Hosein, ”Application for the Detection of Dangerous Driving and an Associated Gamification Framework”, International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems, Vienna, Austria, Aug 2016.
  10. N. Chamansingh and P. Hosein, ”Efficient Sentiment Classification of Twitter Feeds” IEEE International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Applications, Singapore Sept, 2016 [accepted]
  11. P. Hosein and S. Boodhoo, ”Event Scheduling with Soft Constraints and On-Demand Re-Optimization” IEEE International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Applications, Singapore Sept, 2016 [accepted]
  12. I.Rahaman and P. Hosein, ”On the Multi-Stage Influence Maximization Problem” Latin American Conference on Computational Intelligence, Cartagena, Columbia Nov, 2016 [accepted]
  13. S. Hosein and P. Hosein, ”Load Forecasting using Deep Neural Networks”, IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications, Sydney, Australia Nov, 2016 [accepted]
  14. K. Maharaj and P. Hosein, ”Location Obfuscation using Smart Meter Readings”, ICACCE 2016, Durban, South Africa
  15. L. Bigram, J. Earle and P. Hosein, ”Cost Minimization of Library E-Subscriptions”, CONFENIS 2016, Vienna, Austria
  16. P. Hosein, L. Girod-Williams and C. van Rensburg, ”Cyclic Beam Switching for Smart Grid Networks”, NSysS 2017, Dhakka, Bangladesh