Facebook wants to boost your business

“We realised that there was an ecosystem that makes use of Facebook and Instagram, and it’s easier to build in an environment like that.”

HP Inc’s new business hardware for T&T

Above: Juan Diego Pareja of HP Inc demonstrates a Xeon powered mobile workstation. All photos by Mark Lyndersay. Click on an image to enlarge. On Tuesday, […]

Don’t just teach a man to fish. Are our Caribbean SME policies fundamentally wrong?

An essay by Abdullah Mohammed on #Caribbean #SIDS, #SMEs, and the need for Political Leadership in Innovation… or we’re doomed. The SIDS Challenges, and how to […]

Carnival: The greatest SME show on Earth

BitDepth#1027 for February 09, 2016 It took an absurdly long time for me to realise it, but by following the script of Carnival coverage I met all […]

Innovating SMEs…kind of

BitDepth#992 for June 08, 2015 If Professor Abhijit Bhattacharya, the feature speaker for the recent TATT event Innovating SMEs had begun his talk where he ended […]