SAUTT website hacked by FBI

According to a news story carried by The Daily Dot, Trinidad and Tobago was on a long list of countries targeted for digital hacking by the FBI in 2012. The hacker, Jeremy Hammond, was allegedly directed by an FBI handler to attack specific servers.

Among them according to this linked document, a transcript of a Jabber conversation, was the website of the Special Anti-Crime Unit of T&T.

According to The Daily Dot, on a very active January 23, 2012, Hector Xavier Monsegur was alleged to have given this directive, among others…

Monsegur provides a long list of targets from many different international countries including United Kingdom, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Republic of Maldives, Philippines, Laos, Libya, Turkey, Sudan, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobago, Lebanon, Kuwait, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Argentina.

The result of these attacks?

Databases containing the login credentials, financial details, and private emails of foreign citizens, and in some cases government agents, were exfiltrated by hackers tasked by Monsegur to do as much damage as possible. After they stole the data, it was routinely uploaded, at Monsegur’s instruction, to a server under the FBI’s control, according to court statements.