Samsung Introduces Ultra High Def Curved TV to T&T

Samsung's new Ultra High Definition Television
Samsung’s new Ultra High Definition Television. Photo courtesy Samsung Electronics.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. introduced  the first curved ultra high definition (UHD) television to Trinidad and Tobago tonight as part of their robust line of curved and UHD TVs in 2014.

“Samsung drives technological innovation with UHD image quality and a revolutionary design,” said Patricia Laufer, Samsung Electronics Latin America, Miami office. “The combination of our curved design and UHD image quality creates a unique entertainment experience for fans. Thus we reaffirm our commitment to consumers through the adoption of new technologies and the introduction of a wide variety of UHD TVs, with beautiful design and various additional functions, “he added.

Samsung combines innovative curved TV design with UHD TV technology. The curved screen offers a wider field of view, creating a panoramic effect that makes the screen look bigger than it is.

The curved design allows for a more realistic and true to life viewing experience with improved viewing angles so anyone who is watching has the best seat in the house.

To take full advantage of the curved television, Samsung has developed the optimum curvature 4200R, which provides the best image quality from a normal viewing distance of 3-4 meters.

The combination of the curve technology and UHD creates the ultimate immersive viewing experience, giving life to images and providing color, clarity and amazing detail. Samsung’s Auto Depth Enhancer, an algorithm that analyzes the regions in the images and automatically adjusts the contrast for greater depth perception, further amplifies the image quality. It also features a 3D effect without glasses.

The color is further enhanced in these sets with the technology of Samsung PurColor™ on U9000 UHD Curved television, which reproduces the color with even more detail and expression. The number of color adjustment points has increased by a factor of seven.

Additionally, the new Soccer Panel (only in Latin America) created in partnership with ESPN, allows viewers to receive football content, both continuous and integrated, according to their preferences. After selecting their favorite leagues and teams, fans will receive video highlights of recent games, team news, scores, schedules, recent rankings and more.

The U9000 models will be available in 65” y 55” screens.