Samsung introduces 4K TVs to T+T

Samsung is always aligned with the needs and expectations of its consumers, which is why it’s offering users one of the best picture technologies in the market today with UHD 4K resolution.

Now Samsung invites consumers to “Make your Best Move” with its UHD 4K TVs, which allow users to enjoy movies, programs, matches and videos with incredible resolution.

For a true football or cricket fan, there’s nothing like being inside the stadium watching your favorite team play a match. With Samsung UHD 4K TVs, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action—without ever leaving home.

“More than just innovative technology, Samsung UHD 4K televisions provide consumers the experience to see and connect to a whole new world,” said Jun Suk Hwang, Audio and Visual Category Manager for Samsung Electronics Latin America. “Our satisfaction comes from delivering products that meet the needs and expectations of Latin American consumers.”

The leader in the television market for 11 consecutive years, Samsung has been offering UHD 4K technology since the launch of its SUHD line in 2013, including QLED models, which will be arriving soon in all Latin American markets.

Samsung 4K TVs are currently available at local Courts and Standards stores.

What is UHD 4K technology?

When talking about definition in Samsung UHD 4K TV screens, one must mention the term “pixel,” the smallest element that produces the full range of colors, or the smallest element capable of generating all the functionality of the display screen.

A TV with UHD 4K technology has more than 8 million of these subpixels, which means it offers four times better resolution than a TV with Full HD technology (2 million subpixels). In other words, a TV with UHD 4K technology has: 4 times better resolution, 4 times better picture quality and 4 times better definition.