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The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society has released version 1.57 with 3.5GB of Free and Open Source Software including LibreOffice 5.2.0, Mozilla Firefox and more.

Many free and Open Source software apps for Windows are made available as ZIP files which require the user to manually extract the files to a directory and then use Windows Explorer to browse to the directory and run the program. The TTCS has created standard .EXE installers for these applications, using NSIS. This allows the user to easily install and uninstall the program.

All of the software on the TTCS OSSWIN DVD is in the “Software” folder with subfolders for each of the categories. This makes it easy for those users who are familiar with the DVD to use Windows Explorer to browse and install software on another machine.

The TTCS OSSWIN DVD is burnt “on demand” for upcoming TTCS meetings and/or email requests to purchase the DVD. Buyers receive the most recent stable versions of the software at time of purchase.

How can I get the TTCS OSSWIN DVD?

If you have broadband access, you can download the TTCS OSSWIN DVD. If you don’t have broadband access and you live in Trinidad and Tobago, you can purchase a copy of the TTCS OSSWIN DVD for $60 TT to be collected at any TTCS meetings. Also, buyers of the TTCS OSSWIN DVD will also get the latest version of Ubuntu Linux.

Please email your request to ttcsosswincd [ at ] before the day of the meeting to ensure that the DVD would be made available for you. At this time, we do not ship DVDs outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

Primary and Secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago can obtain a copy of the TTCS OSSWIN DVD at no cost via TTPost by emailing the Society admin[ at ] with the following information:

  • The name of the school.
  • The name and contact telephone number of the person(s) responsible for the computers at the school.
  • The school’s postal address.

Download the TTCS OSSWIN DVD

Version 1.57 of the TTCS OSSWIN DVD was created on August 10 2016 and is available for download as an .ISO file. A changelog is available. It is over 3GB in size, so this is feasible only if you have broadband.

You can download the ISO from hubiC til end of August 2016.

You can verify that the download by verifying the checksum of the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 1.57.

MD5, SHA1, SHA-256 checksum of the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 1.57


  • Date created : August 10 2016
  • File name : ttcs_osswin_dvd_v157.iso
  • File size : 3.88 GB (4,169,453,568 bytes)
  • MD5 checksum : 99290902aea973712f6bec9388a6dd55 / 99290902 aea97371 2f6bec93 88a6dd55
  • SHA-1 : 48dc101b1cd3ad948beb6b05f8349aae8559e1d0 / 48dc101b 1cd3ad94 8beb6b05 f8349aae 8559e1d0
  • SHA-256 : 40b51c1b6319d3ff2572bab92864d8c0bd558a58c1a3b2b6cadfc9370fca08fd / 40b51c1b 6319d3ff 2572bab9 2864d8c0 bd558a58 c1a3b2b6 cadfc937 0fca08fd

List of software on the DVD

Below is the software on the TTCS OSSWIN DVD v1.57 created August 10 2016. Note that the TTCS OSSWIN DVD is continually maintained so DVDs bought at TTCS meetings will contain updated versions as well as possible additions/deletions from this list.

How is the TTCS involved in this project?

Members of the TTCS…

  • Downloaded, tested/evaluated the various applications, utilities, games, etc. included in the compilation.
  • Where necessary, created installers for those applications without an installer.
  • Created and tested the web based user interface.
  • Created a web page for each program with the program’s description, its key features and related links.
  • Distributes the DVDs to other members and the general public of Trinidad and Tobago.

What is Free and Open Source Software?

Free and Open Source Software is software for which the “guts” of the program can be freely downloaded and altered to suit your needs (provided you can do the programming). There are many types of Free and Open Source Software. The difference lies in the way altered versions of the software can be distributed, so, if you customise the software for your own needs, then decide to distribute it, you may be bound by specific terms.

Many Free and Open Source Software projects make ready to install executable versions for various operating systems including Windows.

You can do the following with Free and Open Source Software :

  • Install the software on any number of machines in any environment (home or commercial) without purchasing licence fees for each machine.
  • Obtain and modify the source code and distribute modified versions of the program together with the modified source code. Free and Open Source Software licenses differ in how such source code can be distributed or licensed for others to also do what you have done.

Here are several links for you to learn more about Free and Open Source Software :